Soft, sugared brioche; café-perfect red velvet cake; glazed, flaked Danish pastries; buttery croissants; crusty bread, warm from the oven and spread with jam: these are all foods that I love, and foods that I mourned as gone for good when I was diagnosed with coeliac disease.

Three years ago, when I was waiting to get the results that would tell me whether or not I was definitely coeliac, I despondently made myself a ‘gluten bucket list’ of things I thought I’d never enjoy again. The cake in the top left corner is a shot taken from my Instagram; a red velvet slice from the Fallen Angel bakery in Harborne, reverently and mournfully enjoyed as being one of my last tastes of gluten. I thought that delicious cake would be off the table for good.

Gluten-Free Baking

However, the images that follow it prove just how wrong I was; these are a selection of some of the fun bakes I’ve made and loved since being diagnosed. A cappuccino cupcake with white chocolate ganache; raspberry and dark chocolate cake pops; Halloween brownie squares; the festive gingerbread truffles that won me the staff Christmas bake-off at work last year.

Brioche for Belsy is my blog to share a little bit about what I’ve learned in those three years: it’s also about my continued experiments in gluten-free baking and cooking. Not just sweet treats (although there’ll be a fair amount of those!), but other coeliac-friendly delicacies; and not just what worked, but what didn’t work.

Gluten-free baking is often like solving a puzzle; I just love that triumphant feeling when a recipe clicks into place, or, when your gluten-eating friend or family member tell you that they’d ‘never have known’ it was gluten free – which, patronising overtones aside, never fails to raise a little glow inside for me. I’ll be offering up my gluten-free baking successes and failures; reviews of gluten-free products; dining out guides for those of us in the UK; and my experiences travelling as a coeliac, too!

I’ve not yet found my perfect brioche recipe, but I will; keep reading for gluten-free cooking and baking without compromise!

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  1. What a wonderful new blog to follow. I am looking forward to experimenting with your recipes. Well done you and keep us up to date with your gluten free discoveries. One thing I discovered the other day is that two slices of a large sweet potato toasted makes a wonderful alternative to bread for a sandwich. Yum.

    • Thanks so much! ☺️ what a lovely first comment to receive. I’ll have to try your tip on Sweet Potato – sounds delicious! I would also heartily recommend the Hobbs House GiFt gluten free bread – delicious and nowhere near as processed as supermarket gluten free bread.

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