I previously shared with you how to enjoy the perfect scrambled eggs; today’s post brings my favourite way in which to enjoy a nice poached egg. 😋 This brunch is a little fancier, combining the eggs with some smashed avocado, crushed chillis, homemade hummus and the best gluten-free bread!

How to make Boston Tea Party style smashed avocado with hummus and poached eggs

This post is influenced by one of my favourite places to eat out gluten free – Boston Tea Party, a chain of brunchy UK cafÊs who work absolute wonders with an avocado and a couple of eggs. My favourite thing to get there is their avocado, hummus, chipotle chilli and poached egg on toast (pictured below); in fact, it’s so good that I decided to try and recreate it at home, with great results.

smashed avocado with hummus and poached eggs on gluten-free bread

This is easy to make, and reliably delicious – my version might look a little more humble than the bona fide Boston Tea Party extravaganza, but it would be no good if it were quite as fancy as the real thing. Or so my logic goes. 😉

Boston Tea Party-style smashed avocado with hummus, poached eggs & gluten-free toast

To make enough for two people, you will need:

Half an avocado, mashed, and well-seasoned with salt & pepper. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice and a couple of pinches of crushed chilli flakes:

Smashed avocado with crushed chilli

Alongside your avocado, you’ll need 4 heaped tbsp of hummus. I like to make my own – the ‘classic’ hummus from the cookbook Eat Smart is very easy and absolutely delicious (it’s available online here).

Gluten-free hummus and smashed avocado

Also on the list are four large free-range eggs, and four slices of gluten-free bread for toasting.

To make it an authentic Boston Tea Party brunch, the bread is very important – they use Hobbs House GiFt bread, which I can’t recommend enough. I actually have been eating Hobbs House gluten-free bread for some time, well before I discovered BTP, as it’s full of natural ingredients and so much less processed than many supermarket breads. It’s also delicious, well textured and good for sandwiches as well as toast. I was lucky enough to have a Hobbs House bakery very close by when I lived in Nailsworth and, now that I’ve moved down to Devon, I stock up on piles of HH bread to put in the freezer when I’m visiting my parents! You can order it online, too, however.

Plus, not only is the bread gluten free, but it’s also vegan! Which makes this meal dairy free as well as gluten free – leave off the eggs, and it’s vegan.

Hobbs House GiFt bread

Avocados, assemble!

First, put yer bread on to toast. Pretty self-explanatory. Next, boil the kettle, get the water simmering in a large saucepan over a medium heat and put those eggs on to poach. I verily believe that poaching eggs is pretty much the hardest of all culinary skills to master and I’m sure many people who can make a killer souffle or lobster thermidor or what-have-you may still be found weeping softly into a saucepan of wispy, waterlogged, deeply unappetising poached egg. My solution? Cheat, my friends. Cheat every time.

Either use an egg poacher – or, try this reliable trick I got from Jamie Oliver, which involves clingfilm, a little oil and an elastic band (watch from 2:50). You want to end up with a beautifully soft poached egg, with a lovely runny yoke.

When the toast is done and the eggs are finishing poaching, spread on a thick layer of hummus, and then top that with a good layer of mashed avocado.

Smashed avocado with hummus on gluten-free bread

Dole out two poached eggs each, and add any sides you want – I opted for some cherry tomatoes.

How to make Boston Tea Party style smashed avocado with hummus vegan

For a finishing touch, season the eggs and sprinkle the whole thing with a couple more chilli flakes. Enjoy – it’s delicious!

Smashed avocado with poached eggs and hummus on gluten-free toast

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