Brioche for Belsy is my UK-based food blog that aims to put the fun back in gluten-free baking, cooking and dining out, offering up recipes for both fun little sweet treats and for the staples, as well. I’ll be reviewing and recommending gluten-free products, and sharing the best coeliac-friendly places I’ve found to eat out at, as well!

So, in a gluten-free nutshell: GF recipes, reviews and recommendations!


The name of my blog comes down to the idea that I don’t want to compromise when it comes to gluten-free food. I suppose it’s a ‘let them eat cake’ sort of idea – not only do I want to still be able to eat good bread gluten free, but I want brioche, damnit!

Being diagnosed coeliac was actually a rather positive thing for me in the end, as, while it can undoubtedly be a nuisance, it’s prompted me to bake so much more and discover my love of cooking and food. Each new bake offers up a puzzle to be solved, and the fun of discovering a gluten-free recipe that really works is amazing.

Going vegetarian last October has done a similar thing for my regular cooking, too. I’ve never been so adventurous with my food before, and every new recipe poses a fun experiment to try.

I’m Ellie, or ‘Belsy’ (a childhood nickname), a twenty-something-year-old Brit who has spent most of her existence up until now in Gloucestershire, the Cotswolds (although I also spent time as a child living in Paris and Brussels). I currently live a prematurely cosy little life in Devon with my boyfriend, Greg: by day, I work in publishing; by night, I love to bake, cook, read and to write. I like pretty walks, cake in small cafés, and to curl up with a cup of coffee and a good book.

I was diagnosed coeliac three years or so ago, back in March 2014; while it was undoubtedly a blow and a complete surprise, a lot of things made sense to me after getting that diagnosis. At some point, I’ll make a post about the process of getting diagnosed, and what it was like going gluten free.